Memcached 1.1.12 on Linux 2.6.18 (amd64) and Too Many Open Files

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Sat Jan 6 19:46:42 UTC 2007

Does anyone here have Memcached 1.1.12 running on Linux 2.6.18?

We recently upgraded a few of our machines to that version of the 
kernel, and Memcached has been a bit unstable in that configuration (as 
opposed to 2.6.15 (amd64-k8-smp)). By "bit unstable" I mean that PHP is 
logging refusals from the daemon to set and/or connect quite a lot.

Also, on both kernels, we are getting this error in the memcached 
logfile (which is created from the stdout of the daemon):

    accept(): Too many open files

What's interesting about this is we get it when we hit about 2.6k 
connections to the daemon (which is where it peaks), but we haven't 
tweaked the ulimits on this machine, and from initial poking around, it 
looks like the number of open file descriptors per process should be 
1024. If each connection corresponds to an open file descriptor, then I 
would expect to see memcached peak out at 1024 connections, not ~2.6k.

The closest thing to this I see in the archives is related to an 
out-of-memory error. ulimits and open files are only tangentially mentioned.

Has anyone seen either of these issues?


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