Memcached 1.1.12 on Linux 2.6.18 (amd64) and Too Many Open Files

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Mon Jan 8 08:48:38 UTC 2007


how is your startparamater of memcached ?

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Am Samstag, den 06.01.2007, 11:46 -0800 schrieb timeless:
> Does anyone here have Memcached 1.1.12 running on Linux 2.6.18?
> We recently upgraded a few of our machines to that version of the
> kernel, and Memcached has been a bit unstable in that configuration
> (as opposed to 2.6.15 (amd64-k8-smp)). By "bit unstable" I mean that
> PHP is logging refusals from the daemon to set and/or connect quite a
> lot.
> Also, on both kernels, we are getting this error in the memcached
> logfile (which is created from the stdout of the daemon):
>         accept(): Too many open files
> What's interesting about this is we get it when we hit about 2.6k
> connections to the daemon (which is where it peaks), but we haven't
> tweaked the ulimits on this machine, and from initial poking around,
> it looks like the number of open file descriptors per process should
> be 1024. If each connection corresponds to an open file descriptor,
> then I would expect to see memcached peak out at 1024 connections, not
> ~2.6k.
> The closest thing to this I see in the archives is related to an
> out-of-memory error. ulimits and open files are only tangentially
> mentioned.
> Has anyone seen either of these issues?
> --
> timeless

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