Reinis Rozitis roze at
Thu Jan 11 02:53:49 UTC 2007

Well you can simply do it by writing few scripts which put all the cache 
back into memcached after startup.
More or less you probably cache some DB data or generated code parts.

We do so because in case of an empty memcache there would be too much load 
on the DB backends at startup (though MCs havent went down for months and 
last time just because of maintenance and version upgrade).

For example in case of php why not something like this (just a theoreticall 

$result = db_query('SELECT * FROM table');
while($row = fetch_result($result)) {

.. and all of your cache is back.


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> sorry i didn't see that email wasn't sent to list
> but it ONLY use disk :(
> i want ONLY memory, disk just for rebuild cache when starting memcache =)
> Jehiah Czebotar escreveu:
>> On 1/11/07, Roberto Spadim <roberto at> wrote:
>>> could we implement an non volatile inteface to memcache server too?
>>> like every 5 seconds write to disk and when server end too
>>> in the next startup server can reload data from disk and i avoid
>>> recaching from my applications
>> no need to write an interface to memcached; such a thing already
>> exists and is called Tugela Cache. It's basically a memcached server
>> that saves data in a berkeley db file instead of memory which sounds
>> like exactly what you are looking for

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