How does memcached management works on more machienes ?

Philip Neustrom philipn at
Mon Jul 2 08:28:26 UTC 2007

The memcached clients (e.g. APIs) have code to do this for you.


On 7/2/07, Francisc Simon <FranciscSimon at> wrote:
> Hi @all,
> I'm really new to memcached and i have a question about it ?
> How does the memory mangement works on different machines ?
> I've read that "If a host goes down, the API re-maps that dead host's
> requests onto the servers that are available." but i does not understand
> where i can configure the api that it knows which host is online and ready
> for memached ... ?
> Is there a configuration necessary or does the DAEMON this by it self ?
> THX for your time !
> Greetings from Berlin Germany !
> Frank
> ;-)

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