Noob question about how to avoid overwriting cache values

André Cruz andre.cruz at
Thu Jul 5 08:22:44 UTC 2007

If incr and decr are not enough for you you could try using "add" to  
create locks.

while (! add("LOCK", TIMEOUT)) {

# got lock, fetch and update value


On 2007/07/05, at 09:12, Lei Jin wrote:

> Hello, Memcached experts:
>    I have a question about how to maintain data
> integrity if two machines both write to a data field
> stored in memcache.  Basically, I have a value that
> records user activity scores.  Periodically, machine A
> and machine B will update that value based on the
> previous value and the activity of the user on the
> respective machine during this period.  If machine A
> and B do this in order, then everything is fine.  But
> the problem happens if A and B do it at about the same
> time, so both are working off of the original value.
> In that case, one machine will override the change
> made by the other machine.  In DB transactions, this
> obviously is not a problem, but my question is, how do
> I prevent this from happening when I'm dealing with a
> cache?  Thanks in advance.
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