Holding Collections in memcache

Paul Stacey paul.stacey at fatsoma.com
Thu Jul 5 12:12:38 UTC 2007

Hi Everyone,

New to this list so hope this hasn't been answered numerous times.  I am 
looking to store a collection in memcache and have a few concerns.

First, here is the layout

Events contains an array of event

Each event is localised by Country, Region, City and Area.  As such I 
want to key numerous collections in memcache e.g.

events -> events_country_region_city_area

My only concern is that at the top level key, events, we will include 
the events from all over the world and as such the collection will.

a) Be constantly changing
b) Include alot of event objects

I know memcache is amazing at handling individual objects like a single 
event but I was wondering if it is suitable for collections also or 
would I be best doing a select and loading the individual objects from 
memory? The other thing I considered was to limit the array size.

Kind Regards,

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