Official memcached RPM for Fedora/RHEL systems

Paul Lindner lindner at
Sat Jul 14 13:52:10 UTC 2007

I finally made it through the rigorous RPM submission process for
Fedora.  Currently the RPM is in the development tree, which will
eventually become Fedora 8.  These RPMs work on Fedora 7, so test
early and often.  (URLs follow this message)

I'll be taking the next steps to backport to Fedora-7 and then the
RHEL 4/5 EPEL repositories, so people using these distros should be
able to install memcached in the future with a simple

  yum install memcached

After that?  Not sure, it might be interesting to merge with the
OpenSuSE spec and init script.

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