Can I require for some new features -- Lock / Unlock Command

André Cruz andre.cruz at
Wed Jun 20 10:02:14 UTC 2007

We are thinking of using it here as a source of data. Data that can  
be generated again if the memcache server goes down.
As locks we are thinking of using the ADD function since it fails if  
the key is already set.. But I still haven't gotten to the proper  

As a sidenote... Can this list be configured so as to direct replies  
to the list instead of the mail author?


On 2007/06/20, at 10:34, mike wrote:

> On 6/20/07, skywind <skywind3000 at> wrote:
>> Hello memcached !
>> My project is using memcached now, i wonder if memcached can add
>> LOCK/UNLOCK Command ?
> it would seem to me that since memcached is not considered a
> 'reliable' storage mechanism you should handle the transactions as
> close to the data source as possible, and use normal cache
> resetting/recaching methods after a successful update of the backend
> storage.
> i don't think anyone on this list would suggest using memcached as a
> database or source of data. it is purely for distributed caching of
> data to offload databases and such.

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