Is myspace using memcache?

mike mike503 at
Thu Jun 21 00:06:27 UTC 2007

On 6/20/07, KevinImNotSpacey <kevin.amerson at> wrote:
> I recently joined a .NET shop and we're looking at large scale websites on
> MS platforms and what technologies they're using to scale out their
> websites.  Myspace was at the top of the list for .NET sites.  Any details
> are greatly appreciated.

myspace should not be used as a technical model for anything.

imho, with as much capital as they should be able to use, the
inconsistent and completely buggy interface is uncalled for -
especially going on for this many years.

facebook would be a much better model. not only is their site clean,
consistent, (and uses memcached i might add) but they expose APIs now
and seem to generally know their technical stuff. exposing APIs in my
mind is the next step when you have successfully been able to please
users with your frontend interface. (some people may disagree, saying
APIs are nice because other people can make their own interfaces and
you don't have to change yours)

to me myspace was built not to scale properly and ever since has been
struggling to do anything to support the load. i mean come on - it
started with coldfusion. did they really expect to be one of the
busiest sites on the net starting with that? :)

i really don't think they've put in enough funding or the proper
resources from what it seems like, unless they have a secret
completely rewritten version in the works.

not only does facebook use memcached, but steve is one of the most
active posters it seems and him/the team he works with has made
numerous improvements and i'm quite sure runs one of the largest (if
not the largest) memcached clusters anyone has ever claimed that i
have seen.

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