Is myspace using memcache?

timeless time at
Thu Jun 21 02:05:50 UTC 2007

KevinImNotSpacey wrote:
> I recently joined a .NET shop and we're looking at large scale websites on
> MS platforms and what technologies they're using to scale out their
> websites.  Myspace was at the top of the list for .NET sites.  Any details
> are greatly appreciated.

Probably not useful for this list, but I'm actually curious about what 
.NET (or other Win32/Win64 technology) installations are out there that 
are large. Myspace is the only non-MS one I know about, and they are 
essentially a case study for why you don't want to use Win32 for a 
large-scale website.

Feel free to respond to me off-list.

On topic, it really doesn't matter what technology you're using, 
memcached's role is the same. .NET should benefit from using it just as 
well as (e.g.) PHP.


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