Is myspace using memcache?

Antonello Provenzano antonello at
Thu Jun 21 07:08:25 UTC 2007

I would have spoken about my own application, entirely based on .NET
and using memcached as primary caching system (I also used file-system
solutions for storing static cached objects), but Amazon forced me to
close it after three months.

By the way, the application was a semantic indexing engine for
specialized content (movies and cinema in the case of the application
just told), aiming to merge information from different sources to a
unique item.
Since our destination media for the indexation was a clustered Oracle
DB, we used memcached to store the IDs of the items during the
collection passage (the last passage before the release of the
In the front-end we used memcached for storing the structure of an
element on change, distributing the cache between different machines
and replicating the cached items.

Since the nature of the information retrieved was fixed (at least in
the distribution done at that moment), we didn't use any expiration
for the cached items, removing them when the item (in the passage
before the collection) was changed or removed.

Hope this could help.


On 6/21/07, timeless <time at> wrote:
> KevinImNotSpacey wrote:
> > I recently joined a .NET shop and we're looking at large scale websites on
> > MS platforms and what technologies they're using to scale out their
> > websites.  Myspace was at the top of the list for .NET sites.  Any details
> > are greatly appreciated.
> Probably not useful for this list, but I'm actually curious about what
> .NET (or other Win32/Win64 technology) installations are out there that
> are large. Myspace is the only non-MS one I know about, and they are
> essentially a case study for why you don't want to use Win32 for a
> large-scale website.
> Feel free to respond to me off-list.
> On topic, it really doesn't matter what technology you're using,
> memcached's role is the same. .NET should benefit from using it just as
> well as (e.g.) PHP.
> --
> timeless

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