bytes > limit_maxbytes and no evictions?

Steve Webb swebb at
Mon Jun 25 17:10:28 UTC 2007

So, instead of patching, answer me this.  :)

"Evictions" = if an item was removed and set with a TTL of > now(), right?

If an item was set without a TTL, evictions is not incremented because we 
can calculate that?  (total_items - curr_items - evictions)

If so, then ignore my "patch" in the last email.  :)

- Steve

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On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Steve Webb wrote:

> Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 10:08:50 -0600 (MDT)
> From: Steve Webb <swebb at>
> To: memcached at
> Subject: Re: bytes > limit_maxbytes and no evictions?
> Hey.
> So I checked out the code and "evictions" is only incremented when the data 
> times out, which to me is not obvious.
> I changed the code to increment evictions when the cache is full and an item 
> is "pushed" out.
> Just add the line:
> stats.evictions++;
> to items.c:437 after the
> stats.curr_items -= 1;
> line.
> Can someone with svn access please add this to the source tree?  I don't have 
> svn access and I need to be able to monitor this statistic and I'm guessing 
> that others will also find this statistic interesting.  We use it mainly to 
> "tune" the size of a memcached server.  A ton of evictions means that we need 
> to increase the size of the server.  Also, we chart this statistic, so a 
> spike could signal a problem.
> - Steve

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