memcached Digest, Vol 35, Issue 29

Steve Grimm sgrimm at
Wed Jun 27 18:00:22 UTC 2007

You can use the "-s" and "-f" options to change, respectively, the minimum
chunk size (on which the other chunk sizes are based) and the multiplier
that determines how many chunk sizes there are. The formula is

chunk size(0) = whatever you specify with -s, plus space for object header
chunk size(n) = chunk size(n-1) * multiplier specified with -f

where each chunk size is rounded up to sizeof(void *) (8 bytes on a 64-bit
system). So by playing with the -s and -f options you can fine-tune the


On 6/27/07 7:29 AM, "mimmo pasticcio" <mimmopasticcio at> wrote:

> I'm using memcached to serve XML files between Apache, I'm reading
> about memory management and "slabs" subsystem. I want to understand
> how the fixed-size memory chunks determines memory management.
> In other word my question is that: it's possible (and it is right) to
> change the size of chunks classes?
> I understand that there are some planned goals but if there is a trunk
> please tell me.
> thanks for all.
> domenico

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