memcached Digest, Vol 35, Issue 29

Steve Grimm sgrimm at
Wed Jun 27 18:06:31 UTC 2007

That's the "-n" option, not the "-s" option. I was correct about "-f". Sorry
if I confused anyone.


On 6/27/07 11:00 AM, "Steve Grimm" <sgrimm at> wrote:

> You can use the "-s" and "-f" options to change, respectively, the minimum
> chunk size (on which the other chunk sizes are based) and the multiplier
> that determines how many chunk sizes there are. The formula is
> chunk size(0) = whatever you specify with -s, plus space for object header
> chunk size(n) = chunk size(n-1) * multiplier specified with -f
> where each chunk size is rounded up to sizeof(void *) (8 bytes on a 64-bit
> system). So by playing with the -s and -f options you can fine-tune the
> sizing.
> -Steve
> On 6/27/07 7:29 AM, "mimmo pasticcio" <mimmopasticcio at> wrote:
>> I'm using memcached to serve XML files between Apache, I'm reading
>> about memory management and "slabs" subsystem. I want to understand
>> how the fixed-size memory chunks determines memory management.
>> In other word my question is that: it's possible (and it is right) to
>> change the size of chunks classes?
>> I understand that there are some planned goals but if there is a trunk
>> please tell me.
>> thanks for all.
>> domenico

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