Memcached hackathon

Roy Lyseng Roy.Lyseng at Sun.COM
Thu Jun 28 17:39:29 UTC 2007

Well, I am reading the list, but that is about the only thing I'm doing 
with memcached for now...


Josh Berkus wrote:
> Ivan,
>> Is there a reason to start this process in person? Many of us are
>> outside the Bay Area but are interested in hearing your ideas and
>> what you want to work on. FWIW, I propose engaging the community
>> through the most-accessible channel (mailing list) first, and in
>> person only after that.
> Hey, you're ruining my plan to wine & dine the memcached developers at Sun 
> expense.  ;-)
> You're right that I've no budget for airfare, though.
> I think that Roy Lyseng has already joined this list.  Most of the Sun 
> developers involved are coming to Memcached off a clustered database project 
> which isn't quite finished yet, so they won't really be reading the list 
> until August.   Still, I'll get the ones who aren't working 11-hour days to 
> speak up.

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