Patch: static_const nitpicky patch

Paul Lindner lindner at
Tue Mar 6 21:17:17 UTC 2007

On Mon, Mar 05, 2007 at 02:55:44PM -0800, Steven Grimm wrote:
> No objections here! Paul, if you have time to merge this into the 
> multithreaded branch as well as checking it in to the single-threaded 
> code base, that'd be great.

Okay, patches committed and merged into the multithreaded branch.

Also there are more changes since my last email.  I found a 0-size
mallocs and cleaned up a few more things.

All tests passing.  It will be interesting to see if any of these
changes help with performance by enabling better compiler

Here's what I put in the ChangeLog:

2007-03-05  Paul Lindner  <lindner at>
        * Fix a number of places where (s)printf calls were using unsigned
          or signed formats that did not match their arguments.

        * Add support for stdbool.h and stdint.h to use the bool and
          uint8_t types.

        * Major refactoring - move API calls for assoc/items/slabs to
          their own individual header files.  Add apropriate const and
          static declarations as appropriate.

        * Avoid type-punning.  Do a more efficient realloc inside the
          conn_shrink routine.

        * Fix overflow bug where uninitialized access to slabclass caused
          size-0 mallocs during slab preallocation.

        * Use EXIT_SUCCESS/EXIT_FAILURE constants.

        * Convert some sprintf calls to snprintf to protect against
          buffer overflows.

        * Explicitly compare against NULL or zero in many places.

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