what happen with my memcache (and php), please help

son at raider.co.nz son at raider.co.nz
Fri Mar 9 03:48:03 UTC 2007


>> In both cases, I only get 'This key is NOT set'.
> what you can find in the memcached via getStats() after you run your
> program?
> such as total_items, get_hits, get_misses etc

I will try this.

However, I can get "This key is ALREADY set" when I remove 2 lines


>> I donot know why. I think that my code is very clear.
> did your $key contains a space?
> e.g.
> $key = "this is a test";
> $memcache->set($key, 1);
> echo $memcache->get($key); // print out "1", as expected
> echo $key;                          // print out "this_is_a_test"

no, the key doesnot have any space


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