what happen with my memcache (and php), please help

son at raider.co.nz son at raider.co.nz
Fri Mar 9 04:33:41 UTC 2007


It is interesting when I add one more line flush() into this function, as
the following:

$memcache->add('temp:'.$key, 1)
echo 'this key NOT set'.$memcache->get('temp:'.$key);

When I hit the page (called "first hit page"), I have message 'this key
NOT set' then it goes to sleep.

Then I hit the page again (by opening another tab) about 5 seconds after
the first (called "second hit page"). This page is EMPTY.

When the 'irst hit page' finishes (after sleep), "this key NOT set'
message is appeared in the 'second hit page'. Then it goes to sleep. After
that, it finishes

Do you have any idea about this situation

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