MemCached Non-Traditional Usage?

Geoffrey Mina geoffreymina at
Wed Mar 21 03:40:03 UTC 2007

I am currently evaluating memcached for a non-traditional application.  It
seems like the core functionality of memcached is to help reduce the number
of database reads that are required for read-heavy web applications.  I am
looking to implement memcached in totally different environment, and
wondering if I am understanding the software correctly.

I am hoping to implement this as a solution for a telephony platform.  I
have a cluster of servers which need to share information with each other.
I am looking to store information into memcached with server 1 and retrieve
it with server 2... no database involved at any point.  The data that would
be existing in cache would be true transient data that would exist for
seconds or minutes and then would be flushed from the shared memory/cache.

If I have 3 memcached servers and 10 telephony servers running the client
API (connecting to all 3), would they freely share information with each
other... or do I have this whole thing wrong?

Thanks In Advance!
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