MemCached Non-Traditional Usage?

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Wed Mar 21 08:43:21 UTC 2007

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Hi Geoffrey,

I am currently using memcached in a non-traditional manner. It acts  
as a directory that stores information in order to route data to  
different listening sockets on a cluster of servers. Again, for me  
the data is completely transient, and, in the event of a failure to  
locate a key within the cache, is self-repairing.

So far I have had no problems whatsoever. For me, the area that was  
most important to focus on in the application was ensuring atomicity  
through the use of a locking mechanisms and semaphores.

Go for it!


On 21 Mar 2007, at 03:40, Geoffrey Mina wrote:

> Hello,
> I am currently evaluating memcached for a non-traditional  
> application.  It
> seems like the core functionality of memcached is to help reduce  
> the number
> of database reads that are required for read-heavy web  
> applications.  I am
> looking to implement memcached in totally different environment, and
> wondering if I am understanding the software correctly.
> I am hoping to implement this as a solution for a telephony  
> platform.  I
> have a cluster of servers which need to share information with each  
> other.
> I am looking to store information into memcached with server 1 and  
> retrieve
> it with server 2... no database involved at any point.  The data  
> that would
> be existing in cache would be true transient data that would exist for
> seconds or minutes and then would be flushed from the shared memory/ 
> cache.
> If I have 3 memcached servers and 10 telephony servers running the  
> client
> API (connecting to all 3), would they freely share information with  
> each
> other... or do I have this whole thing wrong?
> Thanks In Advance!
> Geoff

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