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> Words by Nick Gerakines [Thu, May 03, 2007 at 10:55:10AM -0700]:
> >  I've been looking around for a c/c++ implementation of a memcached
> client
> >  and so far all I've found is libmemcached. I havn't heard to much
> it
> >  and it doesn't look like it is updated very often. Can anyone
> >  something and put me on the right track?
> >
> Used libmemcache (guess you're talking about the one from Sean
> Chittenden) in several projects now. The only anoyances being the
> handling of fatal errors and the logging. What are your requisites?

We were using Sean Cittenden's libmemcache client, but it didn't meet
our requirements. We decided then to implement a type-safe/type-aware
C++ memcache client library in house, which we will be releasing under
an open source license in due time.

It features better fatal error handling, a flexible easy to extend C++
library which is header-only, and thread-aware behavior.

We're using the Boost C++ Libraries under the hood, and will most
probably be releasing it under the Boost C++ license. We're still
polishing it though, but it should be ready in the next few weeks for
public consumption.

You may email me directly if you're interested.

Thanks, and HTH.

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