Win32 Memcached

Brad Fitzpatrick brad at
Tue May 8 00:40:35 UTC 2007

If you can verify the merge doesn't break Linux builds at least, feel free
to merge into trunk.  (assuming it's pretty and doesn't unnecessarily
clutter the tree.... but last I looked it was in a pretty nice shape.)

We can fix Win32 later, if something's just a little not right.

- Brad

On Mon, 7 May 2007, Paul Lindner wrote:

> If anyone's interested I created a new memcached-win32 branch
> containing the latest trunk + the memcached win32 patch.
> I quickly set up the latest VC++ and was able to get a project to open
> up, but not build because of missing winsock2 and libevent
> dependencies..
> I won't have a whole lot of time for this, and am a complete windows
> noob, so if anyone else can contribute that would be welcome.  At
> least I should be able to verify that it builds once we get success on
> that branch..
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> Paul Lindner        ||||| | | | |  |  |  |   |   |
> lindner at

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