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If you've only tried it with two objects, it's possible that it just
happened to hash both objects to the same server.  Hashing doesn't guarantee
that objects will be exactly evenly distributed, but good hashing functions
should do a fairly good approximation.  Try it with more objects and it
should spread out more.


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I am using memcached 1.2.1 with java Client
( I have 2 memcached instances on 2 hosts.
The java client puts all the time the object to memcached instance 1,
instance 2 is never touched. In the client code there is a method which uses
the hash of the object in order to get one memcached server. I tried it with
2 different object and all the time the objects are stored in instance 1. 

How can I distibute the store calls to different memcached instances?


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