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Mon May 14 15:38:12 UTC 2007

Julio Leyva wrote:
>>> Our backend is postgresql and is doing a table locked every time  
>>> that table is accessed therefore our performance issues, even with  a 
>>> record lock level is a perfomance issue, so memcached can help us  
>>> with that?
>>     Why are you locking tables?  If that's necessary for your  
>> application, I don't know how memcache will help if you feel you  
>> can't access the table without locks.  Can you explain your app a  
>> little more?
> We have a transaction that must lock a key in a table and no any other 
> parallel transaction can access that key until the first transaction is 
> finished.
> We think that process will be faster using memcached.

A caching scheme will only help if you can re-use the same value 
multiple times.  And if you could, you should also be able to read it 
from the database without locking (but memcache is probably faster).

  Les Mikesell
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