Cannot find documentation

josh rotenberg joshrotenberg at
Wed May 16 21:59:43 UTC 2007

Try the following links:

and once you have it installed,  memcached -h will detail the command
line options.

a googling for "java client memcached" returned the following first hit:

On 5/16/07, lightbulb432 <veerukrishnan at> wrote:
> Could somebody point me to the documentation for memcached? I'm going to be
> using it with the Java client API, but for both memcached and the Java
> client API I cannot find any documentation. Is memcached really so simple to
> use that it isn't necessary, or am I just not looking in the right place and
> am about to be overwhelmed by the amount of documentation?
> I noticed that for the PHP client API there was a bit of documentation, but
> am surprised that I cannot find documentation for the memcached server
> itself, including installation, configuration, and much more.
> Thanks.
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