PHP Daemon marks Memcache as failed every few days

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Wed May 23 14:53:35 UTC 2007

On 23 May 2007, at 15:33, Brian Moon wrote:

> My tests have shown that if you can reduce the size of the data,  
> the time saved in network traffic for moving smaller objects is  
> well worth the tiny amount of cpu to compress and uncompress the  
> data.  We deal with about 300k chunks of HTML.  I thought that  
> maybe I could speed it up if I skipped compressions.  I found the  
> opposite to be true.  Not sure about the gz libraries in Java.  But  
> in PHP they are smoking fast.

Not quite the same thing, but I ran into the opposite scenario  
recently. A simple scp of a 180Mb file between servers (dual dual  
Xeons) on a gigabit LAN. With compression (scp -C) it sustained about  
12Mb/sec net throughput (15 sec to copy, i.e. CPU compression speed  
is limiting the rate), but without compression it did 70Mb/sec (just  
under 3 sec to copy - I was impressed! probably disk limited (U320,  
10k)). i.e. if you have gigabit locally, the throughput comes much  
cheaper than compression. I suspect YMMV quite a lot, so it's  
probably worth benchmarking. 100Mbit can usually deliver around 10Mb/ 
sec, so had I been on that, compression would have been the faster  
choice. Similar choices will apply to other protocols that support  
compression such as MySQL (client and slave traffic). Generally,  
gigabit rocks...

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