Multiget/intelligent generic PHP wrapper function... thoughts/advice wanted

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Thu Nov 1 00:32:08 UTC 2007

On Oct 31, 2007, at 15:49 , mike wrote:

> What would be interesting (and really useful) if the memcache_get
> returned the key/value pairs, and if the cache was missed, returns
> "false" or something else. Then I could just build an array on the
> cache misses, instead of doing 2 or 3 iterations just due to making a
> key list, checking the list, creating a list of what i need, adding
> the individual missing rows back into the list, etc.

	That's not necessary, though.  You know what you asked for and you  
know what you've got.  The set-theoretic difference is what you  
didn't get.

	Of course, your client can compute that for you if you want it to.

Dustin Sallings

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