append, prepend, cas

Brian Aker brian at
Tue Nov 6 17:03:04 UTC 2007


I am looking at the implementation for append, prepend, and cas.  
These three operators are for modifying data in place but they all  
take arguments of flags and exptime.

In the scenario where I am just wanting to update a block of data I  
may not know the value of the flags or exptime. Right now the only  
way I see to do these operations safely, though not atomically, is to  
fetch these values before inserting.

This issue is not addressed in the protocols document, so I wanted to  
know how these operators were thought out. I would think it would  
make more sense to have these operators extend and modify without  
having too specifying these arguments (and possibly add an update  
method to modify exptime and flags).


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