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Tomash Brechko tomash.brechko at
Fri Nov 9 12:31:21 UTC 2007

On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 21:39:37 +0300, Tomash Brechko wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 09:52:48 -0800, dormando wrote:
> > I assume this is the final patch series?
> Yes.

This still holds true, those six patches are complete.  But here's the
next run to add 'noreply' to other commands: delete, incr, decr,
flush_all, verbosity.

First patch adds a warning to the documentation: when client specify
'noreply', but the request line is malformed (currently this means
that it has wrong number of tokens), then the server _may_ send the
reply (because parsing malformed line for 'noreply' isn't reliable
anyway).  However this is an error condition, and only this client
might block or get wrong results, so I think this is fair.

Second patch adds support to the server.

Third patch deals with Cache::Memcached.  It turned out that
run_command() binding is broken, so there's no support for 'noreply'
through this call: I think it wouldn't be right to add a feature to a
broken code (not to say that I tried and failed ;)).  I added FIXME
entries to this function, so you may see for yourself what's wrong
there.  I plan to fix this later.

I hope this patches will get into the mainline too ;).

   Tomash Brechko

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