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Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Nov 12 04:04:31 UTC 2007

Brian Moon wrote:
> Tomash I am trying to benchmark some of the new things you have 
> submitted like the noreply feature.  But, I am getting a little lost 
> with the all the different patch sets.
> Can you send separate patches against trunk for the different features? 
>  And, maybe a single patchset for all of them against trunk?  It would 
> make it easer to apply and test.
> Thanks,

Ok, Tomash supplied me with a clean patch list.  Now, I need some 
memslap help to know what I should test.  I ran a few, but as I have 
never used it, I have no idea what to use.   Also, is there a test 
script that uses the perl client that could test the noreply stuff?


Brian Moon
Senior Developer
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