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Brian Moon brianm at
Mon Nov 12 15:40:47 UTC 2007

> The script is good, thanks for taking the time.  But your results are
> strange (especially the 30% improvement of get method).  Here's what I
> get:
>              $ret = ...         void context
> trunk        101.255008          102.128995
>               13.434119           13.074898
> noreply       97.261798           13.326187
>               12.990013           12.990013
> I don't see the overhead of assignment BTW, numbers are roughly the
> same.  So my questions are: are you sure patched Perl module was used
> instead of a system-wide one (you probably have to set PERL5LIB)?
> Have you rebuild and restarted the server?

Actually, I know what it is.  I only used the patched client.  So, still 
the savings is all in the return of the variable.  With trunk server and 
patched client, I see the same savings as the patched server. 
Basically, this all comes down to perl's assignment from a sub routine.

Try with the patched client and trunk server and see what you get.


Brian Moon
Senior Developer
It's good to be cheap =)

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