mdelete and Cache::Memcached::delete_multi()

Marc marc at
Tue Nov 13 21:30:22 UTC 2007

There is no need for server or wire protocol changes to do multidelete.  We
have a C client that does multiupdates and multideletes.  Facebook's
SocialAds uses it heavily and was in fact the first use case for multiset

[Getting this client open-sourced is on my list of things to do]
On 11/13/07 5:28 AM, "Tomash Brechko" <tomash.brechko at> wrote:

> Hi there,
> The next feature we'd like to share is mdelete command for the server,
> and Cache::Memcached::delete_multi() Perl binding.  Both are analogous
> to get and Cache::Memcached::get_multi(), their purpose is to delete
> several keys in one command.  There are both 'reply' and 'noreply'
> versions.
> There are three patches, the first one is a simplification of the
> code, and next two are mdelete in the server, and delete_multi() in
> Perl module.
> Since all changes are made on top of 'noreply' branch, the further the
> development goes, the less likely the patches will be used by someone.
> So feel free to let me know when you think there would be no need to
> post further patches, I can make only announcements of new features we
> have instead, and send patches personally on request.  Bug fixes will
> go to the list of course.
> [[ My boss urges me to send all patches, but I kinda feel myself that
> too many patches might pollute the list. ]]

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