mdelete and Cache::Memcached::delete_multi()

Tomash Brechko tomash.brechko at
Thu Nov 15 18:08:27 UTC 2007

On Thu, Nov 15, 2007 at 09:47:46 -0800, dormando wrote:
> Sure, I guess it's a great way to OOM the machine (I'd be very impressed 
> if someone actually did this!) since iov bytes aren't presently limited 
> by anything, but it doesn't presently deadlock like you say it does.

Hmm, maybe I don't get the code, but I think the server may switch
from conn_write to conn_read only on TRANSMIT_COMPLETE, i.e. it pushes
full responce before reading the next request.  The test case could
tell, but lazy to write one.

> But what about the suggestion steven had? A per connection silent 
> on/silent off flag? If silent's on you can just drop the data instead of 
> copying it into an iovec in a few places, and leave the rest of the code 
> alone.

If 'reply' and 'noreply' commands are mixed, it seems like an
unnecessary overhead to wrap a single command with on/off.  OTOH for a
bunch of commands 'noreply' in every of them is an overhead.  Still,
per-command parameter better suits for libraries with one binding per
command.  So on/off might have its uses, but kinda orthogonal to

   Tomash Brechko

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