Java Library + Consistent Hashing

Rakesh Rajan rakeshxp at
Thu Nov 15 18:34:08 UTC 2007

Ben, Thanks for the info!

Dustin, great job with the new library! Regarding this new library(, could anyone help me
understand the following

1) How stable is the codebase? Currently I am running Greg's library on the
production site. Is Dustin's codebase stable enough to switch in production
? ( I know that I need to do some testing at my end before making the
decision. But thought of getting some feedback before writing testcases )

2) Any specific reason on why there is only a synchronous *get *but not
synchronous *multiget *( I found only async *multiget *in the API doc ) ?

3) KetamaHash is the consitent hashing implementation. Looking at the code,
I can see that we could use FastMD5 ( ) instead of Java's default
implementation  ( ) for better hashing

While porting my app to the new library, I found

1) Server Weights are missing. Does this mean that all server gets the same
weights irrespective of the server's config?

2) The set and add API forces to provide expiry date. It would be great to
also provide a function that would assume that the TTL ( time to live) is
infinite. ( Coz most of the data that I store in memcache is expected to be
there always :) )

3) A small typo in the 'Advanced Usage' section ( ). It was specified to
use f.cancel() to cancel the FutureTask. The FutureTask API ( 1.6 ) actually
expects f.cancel(boolean).

Thanks in advance!

On Nov 15, 2007 2:59 AM, Ben Manes <ben_manes at> wrote:

> I believe Dustin's library supports this, which is also listed on
> memcached's site.  I haven't used it and you might want to check with him to
> find out how much production testing its gone through.  It looks more
> powerful/robust compared to Greg's, but is also a newer code base.  If I was
> to switch, I'd run it through our unit tests, a QA cycle, and stress test.
> So if you've already built out on your current version, be careful during
> migration.
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> Subject: Java Library + Consistent Hashing
> Hello All,
> I am using java library ( for accessing
> memcached server. Does the current implementation of this java client
> library support consistent hashing ? ( I found references only to
> NATIVE_HASH, OLD_COMPAT_HASH and NEW_COMPAT_HASH in the source code) . If
> not, are there any other java library supporting this hashing ?
> Thanks in advance!
> -Rakesh
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