Default library behaviors

Troy Davisson troy.davisson at
Thu Nov 15 19:54:22 UTC 2007

This is more related to the PHP library
( and Brad's Cache::Memcached
Perl module.

I've been looking at the ability to allow for the connection pools
that both support.  Assuming equal connection weights (in Perl, and I
guess just adding servers regularly in PHP), how are 'get' and 'set'
requests distributed between those by the default behavior?  'get'
requests going to a single cache server for a hit/miss seems fine but
distributing 'set' requests to all cache servers seems to be more of a
chore, especially if 'get' requests are going randomly to single
memcached servers and you're left to pray that its the one 'set' went

Any clarification anyone could give is greatly appreciated.

- Troy

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