Singleton Memcached Client

Oliver Castle oliver.castle at
Thu Nov 15 21:35:06 UTC 2007


I am working on a project that is currently going through load testing
without memcached and fails at about 2500+ concurrent user connections
becuase of the large amount of user data that has to be reloaded on
every page request.

The application in production needs to support about 5000 - 7500
concurrent connections so I am going to implement memcached to
significantly reduce the amount of requests to the database server
which like usual is the major bottle neck of the application.

My only question is weather it is better to implement the Memcahed
client as a singleton method which is created once and then used until
the application is reset or load the Memcached client on every single
request. Using a singleton makes the most sense to me but I wanted to
check if any one had expirence of why this was not a good idea?

I am going to use one of the .NET memcached clients to connect to a
linux memcached client. Thanks in advance for your help

Ollie Castle

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