memcache strange behavior, high server load

marc at marc at
Mon Nov 19 06:51:17 UTC 2007

Your system load increases most likely because your system starts 
swapping heavily.  

You've allocated more memory for memcached than you have to spare.  Add 
more RAM or give memcached less.

Masry Alex wrote:
> I installed memcached 1.2.2 and I connect using PHP5 using PECL 
> extension with a unix socket as it's only one machine.
> Quote:
> memcached -d -u www -m 1000 -c 10000 -s /server/memcached.sock
> my average server load is 0.50%
> after I run memcache for a day or two then I get server load to jump 
> suddenly to 100%
> I get that on my syslog
> Quote:
> Nov 2 10:58:44 server kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 10337 
> (memcached).
> when I restart memcached server returns to its normal load
> in most of my caching I set TTL for the cache vars mostly 1 day
> !DSPAM:474123ff193151144031109! 

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