libmemcached .11 released

Brian Aker brian at
Mon Nov 26 09:43:59 UTC 2007


I'm trying to not spam the list so I have not been announcing releases  
of libmemcached. I just dropped .11 onto the download servers though  
and I believe this version looks to be good for most anyone. The  
library supports both the TCP and the Unix Socket protocol. It comes  
with a number of command line utilities for using memcached (though  
these at this point are probably not as stable as the main library).  
About a half a dozen hash algorithms have been added at this point.  
The big remaining piece is the UDP protocol and most of the footwork  
has been done to add this. There have been wrappers written for Ruby  
and Perl which I am not including at this time. It can work either  
asynchronously or synchronously (and you can make a guess at which is  
much faster).

The largest cluster known right now is at 200 nodes, and they have  
been using the library since .8. There are a number of smaller groups  
using it as well.

I've added support for append, prepend, and cas. As well as the  
ability to enable "gets" over "get" (I made it optional since it has  
had bugs).

Latest source tarball is here:

And you can find out more about the project from here:

If you install it, you will find manpages written on all of the  
functions that are exported. It is well documented at this point.


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