Memcached Win32 load testing results

Oliver Castle Oliver.Castle at
Fri Nov 30 09:58:23 UTC 2007


Just for any one that is interested I have been working on a project 
using the Win 32 port of Memcached 
( and the EnyimMemcached 
client as a global cache manager with some very impressive results. The 
application is very database intensive so with caching switched off we 
could get the application 1000 concurrent users and the CPU on the 
database servers would get to 100% and we would would see and 
exponential increase in load times (I should note that under load with 
just the database load times were quite slow any way 2-5 seconds). 

With memcached started across our 4 web servers each with 1gb of 
memcached memory we can run at 3,500 concurrent users and we see our 
database load halved and an average load time of 0.5 seconds per web 
page. The only traffic to the database was the initial cache of user 
data and then the high concurrency of inserted data to the database but 
the loading testing consultant was considerably impressed by what 
memcached could deal with.

We had a license for 5,000 concurrent users for loading testing but we 
had network work issues causing a bottle neck for through put so my boss 
now has a nice order for a switch and new load balancer instead having 
to improve code and database performance :->

Thanks to every one involved in the memcached project it has certainly 
helped improve the performance of our applications.


Ollie Castle

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