Memcached and maximum persistent connections

Robin Schuil r.schuil at
Thu Oct 4 13:58:59 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to run memcached but had some trouble with the connection limit.
Already found that I need to use the '-c <num>' option to increase the # of
maximum simultaneous connections. However, I have 200 webservers each with
~64 apache childs running (there may be peaks). If each process would create
a persistent connection that would mean that each of my 10 memcached nodes
have to handle 12,800 simultaneous connections.
I guess that shouldn't be a problem, but the low default maximum of 1024
somewhat bothers me. Is it sane to start memcached with a limit of 40K
connections, or is it likely that I'll run into other problems then?
Your input is greatly appreciated.


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