Reentrancy problem forking children with the PHP client

Maxwell Lamb max at
Fri Oct 12 18:28:17 UTC 2007


We've been experiencing the exact same issue, although our only  
difference is that we're only opening the memcached connection once,  
prior to forking using pctnl_fork.

I was wondering if you'd had any joy finding a resolution to this -  
we're currently working on the basis of storing everything in  
memcached within a one-keyed array, where the key is the same as the  
memcached key, and the value the same as the value to be stored, and  
we're then checking the key of the returned array against the  
requested key from memcached, and if it's wrong, trying again. While  
this resolves the issue insofar as it prevents us from having the  
wrong data in the wrong place, it's obviously far from ideal due to  
the overhead of having to do multiple requests in the case of  
failure, and of having to check a key value after every get.

Anyway - even if you don't have a solution, it isn't just you having  
this issue.



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