Memcached + MySQL

Angelo McComis angelo at
Tue Oct 30 21:11:10 UTC 2007

Hi Folks.

New to the memcached list. Looking for more/better info on using MySQL as a
storage engine?

Based on how this is documented, it looks to be a compelling solution to
plug memcached in as a storage engine and simply take an application that is
mostly constrained by the ability of MySQL to do select statements and make
a quick gain in performance.

I saw the one-page with the source download, I've read the README in
there... essentially it's pre-alpha work.

So this makes me back up and ask if I'm looking in the correct place.

I am running a fairly large TinyDNS infrastructure. That (for those that
don't know) uses a MySQL backend as a datastore. I'm looking for ways to
improve the performance of this thing. MemcacheD looked appealing as it
could theoretically plug in as a storage engine and turn disk reads into
memory reads for frequently resolved DNS queries.

Is there a better solution?


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