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Brian Moon brianm at
Tue Oct 30 21:17:07 UTC 2007

Angelo McComis wrote:
> Hi Folks.
> New to the memcached list. Looking for more/better info on using MySQL as a
> storage engine?
> Based on how this is documented, it looks to be a compelling solution to
> plug memcached in as a storage engine and simply take an application that is
> mostly constrained by the ability of MySQL to do select statements and make
> a quick gain in performance.
> I saw the one-page with the source download, I've read the README in
> there... essentially it's pre-alpha work.
> So this makes me back up and ask if I'm looking in the correct place.
> I am running a fairly large TinyDNS infrastructure. That (for those that
> don't know) uses a MySQL backend as a datastore. I'm looking for ways to
> improve the performance of this thing. MemcacheD looked appealing as it
> could theoretically plug in as a storage engine and turn disk reads into
> memory reads for frequently resolved DNS queries.
> Is there a better solution?
> Thanks,
> Angelo

The memcached storage engine is not a general purpose storage engine.  I 
believe it is limits the types of data and structure of tables that can 
be used.  It is is also not very widely used and probably not production 
ready AFAIK.

The more common use of memcached/MySQL is to cache the results of 
queries in your application using memcached.  Since you are trying to do 
this with an existing application, I am not sure what you would have to 
do to make this happen.

I use tinydns (assuming you mean the DJB application) but not with 
MySQL.  I have never had a problem with tinydns' file system based data 
storage.  I am curious why you are using MySQL with tinydns.


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