Too many connections error memcached

Matt Bartolome mattxbart at
Mon Sep 17 18:06:20 UTC 2007

I'm running into a problem and I'm not sure if memcached is where the
bottleneck is occurring or not. I'm running ubuntu edgy, compiled with
the latest memcached 1.2 release. I have memcached running on its own
box serving for a few high traffic dynamic django applications.

After a period of 30 minutes or so I get a "Too many connections"
message which causes apache to barf an internal server error on the
other end. My question is, if I increase the -c argument to lets say
5000 will this remedy the problem, or is my client not closing
connections to memcached properly and will I keep seeing the error
eventually? Decreasing  -c to 50 will reproduce the message more
quickly so I assume I need to go the other direction. If someone could
explain to me how the paramenters can help me scale it, or if I'm
totally off here I would appreciate it.


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