Memcache CAS

Dustin Sallings dustin at
Thu Sep 20 22:37:33 UTC 2007

On Sep 17, 2007, at 0:51 , Chris Goffinet wrote:

> Last time. I attached the wrong diff. This should do it and include  
> your change of itmp.

	Hey, I finally got around to trying this.  Seems to work and I've  
added it to my patch stack.

	Do you have a test?  I've just been doing some manual testing via  
telnet, and then proceeding to run my binary protocol test suite.

	(BTW, there's a bit of junk that's throwing off a patch of mine  
around line 1147 (with your patch applied).  You've inserted an empty  
line with a tab.  I removed it when I imported it, but it looks like  
an accident so you probably don't want to keep that).

Dustin Sallings

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