SockIOPool's maintSleep

Greg Whalin greg at
Sun Sep 23 17:14:31 UTC 2007

I would say best bet is to try out different values and benchmark in your
app.  We have a fairly busy cluster and run w/ 30 seconds w/ no problems at
all.  I am considering changing the default value (in my version) to 30 or
60 as I do think 5 is pretty aggressive.  However, this is something that
should be tuned in your app for best results.


On 9/22/07, Hanson Char <hanson.char at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I refer to the (KETAMA_HASH version) java_memcached-1.6.  I realize
> SockIOPool's the default maintenance thread sleep time "maintSleep" is
> set to 5 seconds, which seems pretty busy.  I am considering setting
> the sleep time to, say, 30 or 60 seconds but fear if this would cause
> too many connections built up between the running of the maintenance
> thread.  The running application using the MemCachedClient is
> processing from 30 to 90  requests per second.
> Any real life example on how safely this parameter can be set ?  Caveat ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Hanson Char

Greg Whalin
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