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Sun Sep 30 09:47:42 UTC 2007

I'm not exactly sure I understand your question, but if you mean
installing several memcached Win32 services on a single box on different
ports, I've not actually tried that, but I did figure out how to change
the port, memory and other settings for a service install, hope this
gets you in the right direction. :-)

To install as a service run "memcached.exe -d install", documented at or see "memcached.exe -h" for


Then change the registry settings for the memcached service, in
HKEY_Local_Machine/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/ memcached Server.
Change the ImagePath key to something like:

"C:\servers\memcached-1.2.1-win32\memcached.exe" -d runservice -p 11911
-l 192.168.xx.yyy -m 1024


And restart the service.

Those are my values, you should use your own preferred path, ports,
memory  and ip-addresses, of course.




- Tormod




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Great thanks!


I couldn't find any instructions for setting up the Windows version with
multiple memcached servers. Could you please kindly share any pointers
or info?





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Peter Chiu wrote:
> I am running Windows version of Memcached. I read somewhere that
> ePoll/LibEvent will speed things up in Linux. Do I need them for
> Windows?
> Or is everything I need included in "memcached 1.2.1 for Win32
> binaries (Dec 23, 2006)" from the following link?

That binary worked for me. No other software needed.

Robert Brewer
fumanchu at 

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