dormando dormando at
Thu Apr 24 21:43:07 UTC 2008

Brian Smith wrote:
> I have heard a lot of people talking about how libev is faster and more 
> stable than libevent and even seen some benchmarks where its 3x as fast. 
> Are there plans to switch memcached over?

I'm a bit dubious about libev. You have to manually specify a lot about 
the poller, graceful fallback seems complicated, and they try too hard 
to rewrite cron. If someone were to go patch memcached run some 
benchmarks, and post the patch/benchmarks for us to discuss. If it comes 
out way faster we can totally work it in as an option or something. :)

Except I _believe_ it completely lacked the libevent style thread 
support (which is ghetto, but does work). We do need that.
^ Doesn't appear to cut it. I'd love to be corrected though!


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