IPv6 Patch

Brian Aker brian at tangent.org
Fri Feb 1 17:34:45 UTC 2008


On Feb 1, 2008, at 1:52 AM, dormando wrote:
>> - Whatever minor cleanups are left to make the ipv6 bit work,  
>> including tests that we can throw out.
> - Merge it as-is, since you can't multibind without more work anyway.
> - Add an option to allow disabling of tcp
> - See if we can change the unix domain socket bit to not exclude tcp  
> and udp (I can see _someone_ wanting to use all three. This whole  
> discussion's about not restricting it). I'm loathe to change a  
> "default" tho, so maybe folks have good ideas.
> - By "default" the ipv6 code will bind to the first address it finds.
> - New option to allow multibinding, for ipv4, ipv6, list of IPs,  
> list of unix domain sockets, whatever.
> Yes? No? I shut up now? :)

As long as everyone is fine with changing the behavior for unix domain  
socket, it looks good to me. I'll generate up a patch for this.

One additional thought, binding to UDP. I'd like to suggest we open up  
the UDP port by default on the same port as the TCP port.

My reason for this?

I have UDP support now in libmemcached, and I want to allow users to  
have the default option of knowing the server is doing both.


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