Upcoming memcached releases + rambling.

Dustin Sallings dustin at spy.net
Sat Feb 9 05:21:16 UTC 2008

On Feb 8, 2008, at 20:33, dormando wrote:

> Half of the committers use git, half use hg, and none of them like  
> SVN!
> What a pain. I spent an hour earlier reading hg/git comparisons too.
> It's maddening how little it matters anymore (most reviews were pre- 
> git
> 1.5, and pre-merc 0.9).

	I've seen lots of people using git for their own work, but not enough  
using it in a distributed fashion.  I've been asking questions about  
how to collaborate with git, but I can't seem to find any git experts  
who will answer questions.

	For example, a coworker was working from home today and couldn't get  
his crap cisco vpn working.  Instead, he punched a hole in his  
firewall and typed ``hg serve'' so I could grab work he was doing and  
send him work everyone else was doing.

	serve, bundle, export, import, incoming, and outgoing don't seem to  
have equivalences in git.

	I've contributed changes to both git and hg projects and haven't had  
good luck submitting changes upstream.   I'd be interesting in talking  
to people who collaborate on projects using git both as first and  
second-level contributors to see if their experiences are any better  
than mine.  I don't doubt that I may be doing it wrong.

	Should memcached choose git, it may be as simple as putting up a page  
that says, ``this is how you clone, this is how you work, this is how  
you submit your changes back.''

Dustin Sallings

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